"Massage is kneaded for the BODY as much as healing is

needed for the SOUL"

What is Massage

Massage is no longer considered as a "luxury" however part of a healthier way of life and effective in many ways such as, release stressors, muscular pain, digestive issues, Arthritis & sciatica, it is a healing touch movement that aims to manipulate your skin, muscles, tendons and stimulates circulation to encourage more blood flow. Massage will increase energy, reduce muscle soreness and tension and re-connect you to your body to feel grounded, calm and relaxed.

living in today's modern world can lead to sensory overload meaning the brain/body is unable to process all the information received externally, causing heightened senses, feeling out of source or suffering physically and mentally. 

Our tissues, nervous and muscular system hold memories of any traumas or upsets we have experienced, emotions are then stored in the body or parts of the body so When we experience sensory overload the sympathetic nervous system triggers the fight-or-flight response that increases when stressed, hormones responsible for running are then released causing heightened heart rate and blood pressure - when we don't run these hormones become stagnant and toxic in the body's systems causing tension & emotional sensitivity, when the body is stressed this response can trigger & heighten old memories & shift into overdrive which hugely slows down the body’s natural mechanism to heal.

Hands on massage aims to bring the nervous system back in the parasympathetic state referred to as “homeostasis”, while in this state of relaxation the body can rest and digest, in addition it serves to release tension, lowers heart rate, increase circulation, promotes energy and release hormones responsible for positive mood further allowing your body to heal mentally, emotionally and physically.


Relieves tension


Reduces stress


Improves circulation


Awareness back to body


Increased relaxation


Removes toxins


Aids sleep

Types of Massage

Indian Head Massage

Part of an ancient Ayurveda healing system and dating back thousands of years. This head massage deeply stimulates muscular tissue in the upper back, shoulders, neck, face & scalp. It focuses on relieving stress and tension, remove energy blockages whilst balancing the upper chakras.

Relieves headaches/migraines - Improves concentration - Deeply relaxing. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This massage focuses on three key elements, back, neck and shoulders. Incorporating a combination of pressure to ease aches and pains. or combine with hot basalt stones to penetrate warmth and create a sense of well-being.


Deep Pressure Massage

Begin with applying gentle strokes to warm up the tissue to prepare the body for deeper work, some clients feel soreness after massage however this is due to loosening the fibers of the muscle whilst releasing tension and eliminating toxins.

Relieves tightness - Alleviates pain - Increases mobility.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage treats the whole person in mind body and spirit. This wonderful massage will calm the nervous system and free the body of stress and tension while increasing energy levels and mental clarity.

Reduces anxiety - Promotes relaxation - Encourages better circulation.

Hot Stone Massage

This powerful massage is based on using hot basalt stones (formed from volcanic origin), infused with healing properties, heat is released into the core of the muscles to retore and rejuvenate the muscular & energy body - heated stones are kept moving throughout the treatment. 

Increases circulation – Relieves pain – Deeply grounding.

"SELF-CARE is giving life to your soul"

How is your body communicating with you?

Who can receive a Massage?

Massage is for everyone and can be practiced as a self-care plan to support your well-being.

What happens during a Massage?

Prior massage you will be asked about your general health and wellbeing, massage is performed using hands, thumbs and forearms, the length of massage varies depending on chosen time.

Treatment will be explained and you will be given the privacy to lay on the plinth.

Prepare for your appointment

It is best to shower prior massage which also helps remove excess tanning lotions. Wear comfortable clothing, remove makeup and jewellery prior session and keep your phone switched off.

Home care

You may feel deeply relaxed, energised or tender depending on chosen massage.

Arrange your massage when you have free time afterwards to relax.

Hydration is important for 24 hrs after massage to flush toxins.

A hot bath with Epsom salts will increase relaxation, detox & replenish muscles.

You may feel emotions shift so take time to deeply breath & stay present.

Stay clear from toxins such as caffeine, smoking and alcohol.

Stretching and exercise is important in between massage maintenance.

Take time for well deserved REST.


“I have just had the most healing and body restorative session with Lorraine. Lorraine is so welcoming and warm and the therapy room is a Haven of tranquillity.

Once inside you are provided with a robe and slippers and invited into a comfy chair; this is the start of the magic.

Lorraine is 100% thorough and gets to the root of the problem."


I have had both massages and holistic treatments from Lorraine she is a brilliant therapist that can tune right into the body and get to the actual cause of your body and muscles being stressed and tense, I can’t recommend enough how powerful and beautiful her treatments are.


Lorraine is fantastic with make making you feel relaxed and comfortable during a Reiki session (I would definitely describe myself as a nervous person). The immense feeling of calmness like you were floating is indescribable. I had lost my dad a few years ago and during the Reiki session I felt like I was reliving a lovely memory.
I would absolutely recommend Lorraine for emotional and physical relief through Reiki.

Sharon McCaul

I had such an amazing treat today from an unexpected gift received that allowed me to experience a session with Lorraine today, she is a fabulous person and healer and I felt like a new person leaving.


I’ve been to see Lorraine for both a deep tissue massage and for a shamanic journeying session. The shamanic journey was new for me, but what I got from it was a wonderful journey into your own mind and inner thoughts, opening up a new world, which I see as increasing my resilience, and which has become a safe haven to go to when stressed or overwhelmed.
I highly recommend going to see Lorraine!


"I highly recommend you book an appointment with Lorraine, she has a wonderful range of skills and a warm, healing approach.

Will definitely be back."


I would like to highly recommend Lorraine for any of her treatments that she provides. She is very professional and knowledgeable and has such a calming and relaxing therapy room. I had an amazing back neck and shoulder deep tissue massage and feel great afterwards. I will definitely be back again.

– Niall Enfield Physical & Sports Therapy.