Lymphatic Drainage Massage


What is Lymph

The lymphatic system is interlinked to the blood, digestive, muscular & the nervous system, Lymph is the body’s secondary circulatory system, unlike blood it is a clear fluid that flows in the lymphatic vessels and bathes tissues and organs, it is the body’s filtration system and Its function is to clean, detoxify and destroy foreign organisms; excess proteins; waste products; harmful bacteria; damaged & tumour cells and toxic substances. It helps to maintain fluid balance to supply nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells, to transport fats, proteins and antibodies to fight infections.

Toxins are in the air we breathe - inhalants, dust, food and medication which can affect every organ and cell in our body. If under stress such as illness, surgery, medication, inflammation or lack of physical activity especially if we are in a state of fight or flight our body produces appropriate hormones to run and if we don’t then these hormones become stagnant in the body. Lymph is the body’s primary transport system, if it fails to function efficiently our nodes become blocked and sore to touch further slowing the regeneration of white blood cells and lack of oxygen to tissues; This creates a toxic environment for onset disease.

The Liver is a major detoxifier in the body and if this organ is overloaded from toxicity then it sends unprocessed material to other areas of the body, this slows down the body’s systems causing blockages and slower to fight infection, In this case the liver will protect the major organs and neglect other areas within the body and why lymph is extremely important to help overall body and immune.

The lymphatic system will drain fluids, fat and toxins from the body, helping you feel more energised, lighter & healthier.



How Does Lymphatic Work

As you know the heart involuntary pumps blood around the body, however the lymphatic system has no pump and solely relies on muscular activity, this is why sitting for long periods can cause fluid build-up in the lower part of the body, the Lymphatic system often needs manual help to cleanse the body of toxins.

What does MLD do

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a gentle form of massage, unlike traditional massage it uses specialised techniques involving gentle rhythmic pumping movements and sweeping motions to stimulate lymph flow towards the direction of the heart into working nodes located around the body, lymph can be directed if nodes are not working or have been removed.

MLD aims to detoxify and reset your systems in order to work more efficiently further strengthening & supporting the body’s systems. Body workers offering MLD would hold a post graduate training from a specific teaching school.


MLD increases the volume of lymph through the nodes whilst increasing the production of white blood cells.


Delivers oxygen & nutrients around the body.


Removes toxins & dead cells to help with stress management.


Absorbs fat & fat soluble vitamins during digestion.


Produces white blood cells to fight infection & disease.


Drains excess fluid helping with pain, inflammation and weight loss.


Speeds tissue regeneration.


Increases blood circulation.


Improves metabolic rate.

Benefits of MLD

  • Migraines, headaches & sinus caused from fluid build-up.
  • Treats Allergies.
  • Helps with sluggish digestive system.
  • Improves skin problems.
  • Reduced swelling – inflammation in part or all the body.
  • Treats long covid – pockets of infection remain in the lungs.
  • Reduces common colds or recurrent infections.
  • Treats cellulite by stimulating blood flow and breaks down deposits.
  • Treats Oedema – caused from excess proteins in tissues.
  • Helps with pre and post long haul flights.
  • Post-surgery swelling & drains Anaesthetics from the body to enhance healing.


  • Coeliac/Autoimmune disease – helps to absorb vitamins and essential oils into the villi of small intestines.
  • Reduced Bloating.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels – discards excess fat from arteries.
  • Management and control of lymphoedema – part of a care plan.
  • Sports injuries – reduced muscle pain and inflammation.
  • Drains lactic acid from over exercise or fatigue tensed muscles.
  • IBS
  • Arthritis – reduced joint pain
  • Laryngitis
  • Tonsilitis
  • Fibromyalgia


Rest - Renew - Restore

Who can receive MLD?

MLD is not for everyone, check with your Dr if you have the following;

  • Stage & type of Oedema
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Kidney problems
  • Removed spleen
  • Present Infection

Who cannot receive MLD

  • Acute inflammation – only if inflammation is no longer hot or acute.
  • Major heart problems.
  • Thrombophlebitis – inflammation of a vein that leads to blood clots.
  • Cancer
What Happens during MLD?

Your treatment will be 90 minutes including consultation to determine the appropriate treatment based on your needs, the sequence of massage will be explained before proceeding, so you know what to expect during your treatment, After care will be discussed and a treatment plan if required.

Prepare for your appointment
  • It’s important to drink a litre of warm water prior MLD as this will help with the drainage and gives hydration.
  • It is best to shower prior MLD which also helps remove excess tanning lotions.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, remove makeup and jewellery prior session.
Home Care
  • Sip warm throughout the day of receiving treatment to assist in lymph drainage and support the body’s systems.
  • Some report of feeling tired, headaches or discomfort after MLD, this is normal and a sign lymphatic drainage is working.
  • Avoid toxins to include, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, processed and heavy foods so your lymphatic system can work efficiently.
  • Take time for well-deserved REST.


“I have just had the most healing and body restorative session with Lorraine. Lorraine is so welcoming and warm and the therapy room is a Haven of tranquillity.

Once inside you are provided with a robe and slippers and invited into a comfy chair; this is the start of the magic.

Lorraine is 100% thorough and gets to the root of the problem."


I have had both massages and holistic treatments from Lorraine she is a brilliant therapist that can tune right into the body and get to the actual cause of your body and muscles being stressed and tense, I can’t recommend enough how powerful and beautiful her treatments are.


Lorraine is fantastic with make making you feel relaxed and comfortable during a Reiki session (I would definitely describe myself as a nervous person). The immense feeling of calmness like you were floating is indescribable. I had lost my dad a few years ago and during the Reiki session I felt like I was reliving a lovely memory.
I would absolutely recommend Lorraine for emotional and physical relief through Reiki.

Sharon McCaul

I had such an amazing treat today from an unexpected gift received that allowed me to experience a session with Lorraine today, she is a fabulous person and healer and I felt like a new person leaving.


I’ve been to see Lorraine for both a deep tissue massage and for a shamanic journeying session. The shamanic journey was new for me, but what I got from it was a wonderful journey into your own mind and inner thoughts, opening up a new world, which I see as increasing my resilience, and which has become a safe haven to go to when stressed or overwhelmed.
I highly recommend going to see Lorraine!


"I highly recommend you book an appointment with Lorraine, she has a wonderful range of skills and a warm, healing approach.

Will definitely be back."


I would like to highly recommend Lorraine for any of her treatments that she provides. She is very professional and knowledgeable and has such a calming and relaxing therapy room. I had an amazing back neck and shoulder deep tissue massage and feel great afterwards. I will definitely be back again.

– Niall Enfield Physical & Sports Therapy.