Hopi Ear Candling Ritual

What is Ear Candling

Modern ear candling also known as thermal auricular therapy, this therapy once named ‘ear coning’ was practiced in ancient times in healing ceremonies and initiation Rituals, coning was used by master healers who worked on the physical and intermediate world.

Hopi ear Candling is a nurturing and non-invasive therapy and used to treat a variety of conditions of the ear ,nose and throat.

About the Ear

The ‘auricle’ which is commonly referred to as the ‘ear’ plays an important part in our sense of balance, the ear collects & tunes sound waves then directs them into the ear canal; within the canal are numerous wax glands that secrete sticky material known as ear wax; to collect dust, microbes and other particles to protect them from reaching the’ tympanic membrane’ referred to as the ear drum, this separates the outer ear from the middle ear and is described as stretched skin like a drum that has the ability to vibrate when sound waves impinge on its surface.

The middle ear is filled with air, within the cavity lie the auditory ossicles which play an important part in converting sound waves into nerve signals, enabling us to hear. It is connected to the external environment through the eustachian tube, the eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the nasal-sinus cavity, this tube opens into the nasal part of the pharynx and enables air to move from the middle ear to the external environment and vice versa and pressure (fluid build-up) within the middle ear equalises that of the external environment and why it is important to balance the ears and drain any fluid build -up.

How does Ear Candling work

Biosun ear candles are regularly tested and wear a safety symbol (CE), the candles are made from pure organic cotton infused with beeswax, sage, honey, St john’s wort and Chamomile. These cotton sticks vaporise therapeutic healing properties whilst causing a gentle warming & suction that creates a vacuum to massage the ear canal, eardrum and eustachian tube to draw impurities from within the ears & the entire sinus system of the face & head. 

The scared space created will help you deeply relax, the treatment will begin laid on your side fully clothed in a comfortable position on a plinth, the hopi ear candle is placed inside the ear, lit and held in place for 10 minutes whereby you will experience warmth inside and around the ears. The procedure is then repeated on the other ear and you will feel deeply relaxed as the ear candle aims to draw out any impurities. You will also receive a lymphatic drainage massage of the neck, face and head to detoxify and improve blood circulation along with increasing oxygen and nutrients to the head and face.

Wax takes 24 to 48 hours for debris to drain from the ears.

Some people prefer Hopi ear candling than ear syringing to treat the ears as this Holistic therapy does not impact your ears in anyway plus the number of benefits.

What can Ear Candling treat


Improves tinnitus; hissing, buzzing, whistling or ringing sound in one or both ears.


Meniere’s syndrome; dizziness/vertigo – nausea/vomiting – may hear constant ringing sound.


Excessive ear wax build-up; may produce too much wax which then clogs the canal, cause pain or itching or reduced hearing.


Relieves hay fever & sore throat.


Helps with sinusitis & headaches.




Sleep disturbances.


Flu like symptoms.




Lymph blockages in the neck.


Balances ear pressure – flying, scuba diving or exposure to wind.


    • Brings warmth & rebalances ear pressure.
    • Reduces stress
    • Improves lymphatic drainage of the head, face & neck.
    • Improved hearing
    • Sage in the candle clears the aura.
    • Stimulates the kidney energy in the ear to ground the whole being.
    • Stimulates acupuncture points of the ear.
    • Stimulates energy flow of the throat & brow chakra.

    Quality and Safety Standards of Biosun Ear Candles

    • Biosun ear candles are hand made using traditional recipe.
    • Specially developed safety filter ensures that no liquid wax or excessive condensate from the candle can get into the ear.
    • Biosun ear candles are certified medical products according to the EU guidelines, EC93 42EC for medical products and German medical product law.
    • They all receive the CE safety symbol.
    • All candles have a batch number.
    • No paraffin is used in the manufacture.
    • Pesticide-free.
    • Raw materials used.
    • They are regularly tested by independent institutes


    Rest - Renew - Restore

    Prepare for your appointment
    • Drink water prior treatment as this will help with flushing out toxins.
    • Ensure you have free time afterwards to wind down and relax.
    • Wear comfortable clothing.
    • No jewellery.
    • Phone switched off.
    Who can receive Hopi Ear Candling

    Hopi ear Candling is a nurturing and non-invasive therapy and used to treat a variety of conditions and suitable for everyone.

    Check with your GP if you have any of the following;

    • Perforated eardrum.
    • Grommets – fitted and still in place.
    • Skin infections in and around the ear.
    • Inflammation or infection of the ear.
    What happens during Hopi Ear Candling
    • Duration of treatment is 60 mins.
    • Prior treatment we will discuss your general health and any current issues you may be experiencing.
    • Ear candling will be explained so you know what to expect during your treatment.
    After Care
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • You may experience some side effects such as; headache, mild pain, runny nose, sticky ears or a sensation of loose ear wax, dryness of the throat for 24 to 48 hours, this is the treatment realising toxins.
    • Avoid submerging your head under water for 24 hours.
    • Avoid toxins to include, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, processed and heavy foods.
    • Wax takes 24 to 48 hours to drain from the ears.
    • Take time for well-deserved REST.


    “I have just had the most healing and body restorative session with Lorraine. Lorraine is so welcoming and warm and the therapy room is a Haven of tranquillity.

    Once inside you are provided with a robe and slippers and invited into a comfy chair; this is the start of the magic.

    Lorraine is 100% thorough and gets to the root of the problem."


    I have had both massages and holistic treatments from Lorraine she is a brilliant therapist that can tune right into the body and get to the actual cause of your body and muscles being stressed and tense, I can’t recommend enough how powerful and beautiful her treatments are.


    Lorraine is fantastic with make making you feel relaxed and comfortable during a Reiki session (I would definitely describe myself as a nervous person). The immense feeling of calmness like you were floating is indescribable. I had lost my dad a few years ago and during the Reiki session I felt like I was reliving a lovely memory.
    I would absolutely recommend Lorraine for emotional and physical relief through Reiki.

    Sharon McCaul

    I had such an amazing treat today from an unexpected gift received that allowed me to experience a session with Lorraine today, she is a fabulous person and healer and I felt like a new person leaving.


    I’ve been to see Lorraine for both a deep tissue massage and for a shamanic journeying session. The shamanic journey was new for me, but what I got from it was a wonderful journey into your own mind and inner thoughts, opening up a new world, which I see as increasing my resilience, and which has become a safe haven to go to when stressed or overwhelmed.
    I highly recommend going to see Lorraine!


    "I highly recommend you book an appointment with Lorraine, she has a wonderful range of skills and a warm, healing approach.

    Will definitely be back."


    I would like to highly recommend Lorraine for any of her treatments that she provides. She is very professional and knowledgeable and has such a calming and relaxing therapy room. I had an amazing back neck and shoulder deep tissue massage and feel great afterwards. I will definitely be back again.

    – Niall Enfield Physical & Sports Therapy.