My Offerings

A Sanctuary of Healing & Rejuvenation

Balanced Health Consultation

  • 30 Mins €30
  • 60 Mins €60

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

  • 40 Mins €50.00

Holistic Massage

  • 60 Mins €65
  • 80 Mins €85

 Deep Pressure Massage

  • 60 Mins €70
  • 80 Mins €90
  • 120 Mins €135

Hot Stone Massage

  • 35 Mins €45
  • 75 Mins €85

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

  • Upper body  €75
  • Lower Body  €75 

Indian Head Massage

  • 50 Mins €55

 Hopi Ear Candling Ceremony

  • 50 Mins €55 

Foot Reflexology

  • 60 Mins €70


  • 60 Mins €70

 Shamanic Healing

  • 60 Mins €60
  • 120 Mins €100


Self-care Healing Ceremony  

  • 1hr 30 Mins €111

Purchase 3x treatments in full to receive below discount.

  • 3 x 40 Mins - Back, Neck & shoulder massage €125 (save 25)
  • 3 x 60 Mins - Holistic massage €170 (save 25)
  • 3 x 60 Mins - Deep pressure massage €185 (save 25)
  • 3 x 50 Mins - Indian Massage €140 (save 25)
  • 3 x Lymphatic drainage €200 (save25)
  • 3 x Self-care packages €300 (save 33)

Don't wait to make the shift in caring for your well-being.




“I have just had the most healing and body restorative session with Lorraine. Lorraine is so welcoming and warm and the therapy room is a Haven of tranquillity.

Once inside you are provided with a robe and slippers and invited into a comfy chair; this is the start of the magic.

Lorraine is 100% thorough and gets to the root of the problem."


I have had both massages and holistic treatments from Lorraine she is a brilliant therapist that can tune right into the body and get to the actual cause of your body and muscles being stressed and tense, I can’t recommend enough how powerful and beautiful her treatments are.


Lorraine is fantastic with make making you feel relaxed and comfortable during a Reiki session (I would definitely describe myself as a nervous person). The immense feeling of calmness like you were floating is indescribable. I had lost my dad a few years ago and during the Reiki session I felt like I was reliving a lovely memory.
I would absolutely recommend Lorraine for emotional and physical relief through Reiki.

Sharon McCaul

I had such an amazing treat today from an unexpected gift received that allowed me to experience a session with Lorraine today, she is a fabulous person and healer and I felt like a new person leaving.


I’ve been to see Lorraine for both a deep tissue massage and for a shamanic journeying session. The shamanic journey was new for me, but what I got from it was a wonderful journey into your own mind and inner thoughts, opening up a new world, which I see as increasing my resilience, and which has become a safe haven to go to when stressed or overwhelmed.
I highly recommend going to see Lorraine!


"I highly recommend you book an appointment with Lorraine, she has a wonderful range of skills and a warm, healing approach.

Will definitely be back."


I would like to highly recommend Lorraine for any of her treatments that she provides. She is very professional and knowledgeable and has such a calming and relaxing therapy room. I had an amazing back neck and shoulder deep tissue massage and feel great afterwards. I will definitely be back again.

– Niall Enfield Physical & Sports Therapy.