"True change is within; leave the outside as it is.”

— Dalai Lama

A little bit about my personal journey

From as early as I can remember I have had a sensitive connection to the natural world, this connection became fragmented over the years from everyday stress, sensory overload and been everything to everyone had left me feeling disconnected and out of balance.

In 2008 I was introduced to Reiki for self-healing purpose and this beautiful light healing energy helped me step back and take time for self-care, although I had slipped back into the old narrative of “having no time” or “too busy” then in 2014 I explored Shamanic practice, following Holotropic breathwork & transpersonal therapy; this provided a space for me to unpack stories & bring deeper soul healing.

During my cleansing process much unconscious material that formed deeper blockages had shown up in my energy, mental & physical body such as; unresolved grief, trauma, negative thought patterns, somatic pain which also impeded my natural flow of energy. Whilst shifting through the healing process my sensitivity heightened, however combining various forms of holistic therapy such as; massage, reflexology and Indian head massage truly helped me ground and allowed other areas to heal, it complimented shamanic healing and supported my journey through change in every way.


Having embodied powerful healing tools and change in my overall wellbeing I knew to my core I wanted to hold a sacred container and offer the art of healing through holistic practice and energy healing to others, this is not just a career for me but a way of life and I feel joy in helping others to reconnect and to facilitate healing, as many are unaware of how holistic therapy and energy healing can create positive changes in everyday life.

The benefits are innumerable and as everyone’s design is different so is the wellness journey.

"The body is a temple of wisdom and holds the answers you seek"

Rest & Restore

Rest and tune inwards, become aware of your body’s natural sensations/rhythm, “answers are always within”.

Discover how your body and soul communicate within. 

Mission & Vision

"The soul heals what the mind cannot"

OMYA in Sanskrit means ‘Life Giver' - life force / light consciousness, divine, universe or primal life force.

I hold a holistic approach using practical methods of hands on massage & energy healing which allows me to combine both energy & healing touch to retune the body's ability to heal from any imbalances whilst restoring harmony.

My offerings bring, grounding, mental clarity, emotional awareness, physical well-being, spiritual & soul healing. I offer a sacred container for you to let go of the outside world and come home to your present being. It is about empowering you to explore your inner pathways to reconnect to your natural self within and without. 

I offer the highest quality of care - therapies can be tailored to suit your specific needs and can be integrated as part of a self-care plan to support your journey to wellness. Available to everyone, especially those who are searching for answers, on the spiritual path, or who just wish to unwind and experience deep rest. Its about supporting a more grounded and healthier way of life.